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Character Book: данные и ссылка на скачивание
Ссылка на скачивание: часть страничек уже есть на английском (лежат в отдельной папке ©).
UPD. скачать (дополненная версия) (c) - это дополненный датабук, со страничками характеристик. Для самых нетерпеливых пока в таком варианте и на японском.
Предварительные данные (отсюда):


- Ethnicity and blood type were made up by the Order.
- Doesn't like anyone but Alma using Yuu because it reminds him of his past. Tiedoll gave him the surname Kanda.
- Died 30 years ago (20 years before waking up). Project started 20 years ago, so he was dead 10 years before being used.
- Relations:
Allen - Annoying guy
Lavi - Don't call me Yuu!
Lenalee - Just can't stand up to her for some reason... (WHIPPED)
Zhu - You're still alive huh...
Marie - He's easy to be around
Tiedoll - Please stop calling me Yuu-kun!
That person - I just have to see her no matter what
Alma - A friend... No, make that stalker
Previous body-the old me
- Specified no unnecessary accessories for his uniform.
- Violence as a destressor.
- Uses training (push-ups, sword forms) when he can't sleep.
- Eats tempura soba before a mission.
- Trains daily.
- Treats men and women the same.
- Hides his Second Exorcist origins, carries out missions mechanically.
- Favorite saying: "Always keep your word"
- Favorite color is red.
- 2.0 vision.
- Goes to bed at 10 and wakes up at 4.
- Most comfortable meditating in the training hall.
- Always brings his hair tassel on missions. Is apparently less pumped for them without it.
- Going through the motion of tying up his hair gets him focused for battle. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it has length to do so, so he doesn't like ordinary hair ties. And sometimes he takes Lenalee's for his hair.
- Is the type to speak with his eyes.

-New stats: 19 years old, 185 cm (6 FEET!!!!), 64 kg.
- Relations:
Allen - Someone I gotta keep an eye on! (for logging)
Lenalee - Too worried to leave her on her own!
Kanda - It's fun to make fun of him!
Bookman - Gramps, you're so naggy!
Science Department - They're always a great help!
Matron - Scary...
Leverrier - What a jerk!
Krory - His stomach's so noisy!
- Favorite saying: "One encounter, one chance."
- First thing he does is wake Bookman up.
- Pulls Bookman's hairs out one by one when he can't sleep...
- Favorite color is orange "like his hair".
- Lavi keeps throwing a fit over not having enough screentime.
- 1.5 vision.
- Sleeps 7-8 hours average, + a 1 hour nap. Sleeps all day on his days off.
- Most comfortable in his room surrounded by books.
- (supposedly) values character, but is definitely appreciative of good appearances.
- Drinks coffee to stay awake and eats pasta before his missions.
- Wants to check out historic ruins all around the world before he dies.
- Would spend 100 guineas on Books he hasn't red and yakiniku. And have a gathering without inviting Allen.
- Always wants a bandanna and scarf with his uniforms, and can be picky about his pants.
- Always brings his bandanna and spare eye patch to missions.
- Would be the most cheerful and frank of the OT4 if it weren't for his Bookman duties.
- Of Asian decent with a lot of other nationalities mixed in.

-Alma probably wasn't the soul's original name.
- Stats for second life are (mostly estimates by Zhu):
DoB: Dec. 6
Age: 20 years old
Blood Type: B
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
- Died 20-30 years ago (10-20 before awakening). Character book lists different numbers for her and Alma.
- Confirmed to have been Kanda's lover in his first life.
- Hoshino designed her as being plainer/simple with little care for her appearance, feeling that was the kind of girl Kanda (she specifies Kanda) would fall for. Decided it wouldn't be a beauty.

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